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Use your car as collateral to repay a 100% secure title loan over time

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If you have financial difficulties and need to boost your budget, title loans in Tennessee may be a great way out for those who own a car. If you think this option will work for you, the important questions will probably pop up in your mind: “Are car title loans secure?”, “Is it a beneficial method to get additional money?”, “Is it possible to get the car back after the full repayment?”, “What about the interest rate, is it high?” Read on to get all the answers to these questions and even more. And remember: before you take any type of loan, you should think twice whether you can afford repayment.

What are the types of loans in Tennessee?

There are different types of loans since each one has its peculiarities in terms of intended use and terms of repayment. Each type has different rates of interest, so to choose the best fit, you will need to carefully study all the terms and conditions of each offer. There a lot of types of loans. Here are the most popular options outlined.

  • Debt Consolidation Loans. A consolidation loan is aimed to facilitate your financial situation. With the help of this service, you can repay your active debts. It implies fewer monthly payments and affordable APRs.
  • Payday Loans. This is a short-term financial assistance given by direct lenders. It should be repaid after your payday. Usually, it has high APRs.
  • Personal loans may be used for any personal expenditures. There is no need to specify the purpose of the borrowing in the application. With this type of financial assistance, it is possible to reduce the APR by transferring balances.
  • Mortgages are special types of loans given by banks. Usually, they are used to buy a property. The mortgage is tied to the property you’ve bought, which means that you risk losing foreclosures if you are late in payments. This type of financial help has the lowest APRs.
  • Student loans are typically given to college/university students and their families for them to cover the higher education cost. It is possible to choose between two types: federal student and private student loans. The first option is more beneficial since it has lower APRs and better repayment terms.
  • Title loans online. This option is suitable for those who own vehicles. Like mortgages, title loans are tied to your car. Title loans in Tennessee are similar to payday loans. It refers to a small amount of money given by a lender for a short period of time, typically 30 days. The borrower takes money but gives the lender the title to his/her vehicle until the borrowing is fully covered.

This article is devoted to title loans in Tennessee, so keep reading to find out more about this type of financial help given by lending companies.

Why choose title loans in Tennessee?

Title loans in Tennessee may be a tempting option for car owners since they don’t typically require checking the credit history. Moreover, the process of approving an application will take from 15 to 45 minutes. It doesn’t mean you should give your car to the financial company. You have to just write a title for your vehicle and continue driving your car. Even the applicant who has bad credit history can be approved for title loans in Tennessee, so everyone who needs fast cash can use this option.

Why choose this service? There are different reasons people are looking for title loans near me, but here are the most popular ones:

  • The person needs fast cash in less than 2 days.
  • You have extra expenses for emergencies such as utility bills, private clinic services, funeral expenses, house repair, education bills and so on.
  • The potential borrower has insufficient credit scores to approach a bank.
  • The applicant has credit/debit card debt.
  • The person wants to restore his/her credit history.
  • The individual can’t wait long to get approved by a bank.
  • The bank rejected the application but you still need extra cash.
  • The person has a vehicle and needs fast financial assistance.

The reasons to be rejected for title loans in Tennessee

There are a lot of reasons your application can be denied by a lender. The most common ones are:

  • The applicant has recently paid for the services of casinos
  • The financial institution agent isn’t confident the borrower can afford to pay off the borrowing
  • The application is not detailed; some fields are missed
  • Extremely poor credit history
  • There is no stable source of income
  • Multiple active debts
  • The applicant doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements of a lensing company
  • The potential borrower has addressed for multiple title loans in Tennessee recently
  • Delayed or missed payments on a credit card
  • Bounced checks
  • Recent or active bankruptcy

The possible amounts to get for a title loan in Tennessee?

In general, the average amount of title loans in Tennessee you can claim is 25% to 50% of your vehicle value. As stated by the FTC, usually the potential borrowers may claim from $100 to $5,500. However, some lending companies let you borrow up to $11,000. Everything depends on your financial situation, purposes, and the average car price.

Once the application for title loans in Tennessee is approved, you will need to give the direct lender the title to your vehicle. Although you are still the owner of your car and may use it as you want, some companies may mount a GPS device to track your car. This means you can’t sell it or go abroad until the debt will be completely repaid. Also, some lending companies may make a copy of your car keys. Both these approaches can help the company repossess your vehicle if you fail on the repayment. The terms of clearing your borrowing may vary from 2 weeks to a month. However, in some situations, they can be prolonged up to a year.

Title loan in Tennessee requirements

If it comes to the best title loans, the borrower’s eligibility completely depends on the vehicle value. To find out the exact car value, you will need to estimate it while approaching a lending service. If your car has enough value, you can get a positive answer by a lender even if you have an extremely spoiled credit history or an insufficient amount of credit scores. However, to get successfully approved by a lending institution, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • It is prohibited to give title loans in Tennessee for those who didn’t reach 18 years.
  • The applicant should provide an income sentence to prove his/her solvency.
  • The car must have insurance and registration.
  • The car should be titled to another company.
  • The borrower should provide a car title or pink slip.

You are almost there to get your cash, but you will need to follow these steps to complete the procedure of title loans in Tennessee approval.

  1. Choose a reliable lending service and approach it. Then you need to discuss the details of your borrowing with an agent to find out whether your vehicle is eligible for the amount of money you claim.
  2. Collect the necessary documents and complete the application form. Once your vehicle is enough value, you will need to collect all the necessary papers, including a copy of your ID or driver’s license, an income sentence (it is necessary to receive at least $1500 per months to afford the title loans in Tennessee repayment), a car title or pink slip. As you see, there is a small bundle of documents. This is another reason title loans in Tennessee are so popular.

It is advisable to prepare all the necessary paperwork in advance to facilitate the process of approval. The faster you complete the application, specify the necessary details and provide the necessary papers, the faster you will get your money.

During this step, you will need to discuss the repayment schedule with your lender. The agent will offer the most flexible repayment schedule and tell you the exact date you should clear your debt in full.

There are different repayment plans. Based on your particular situation, the lender may determine the plan from 2 weeks to 3 years. It is possible to repay your borrowing as early as you can without any extra charges for early repayment. The earlier the borrowing will be repaid, the fewer rates of interest you will need to pay.

  1. Pick the way you want to receive title loans in Tennessee. It is possible to get a check or get your money directly on your bank account. Also, it is possible to get funds via any MoneyGram service which is located in such stores as Walmart and CVS.

What to do if the applicant has a bad credit history?

Bad credit history or insufficient amount of credit score don’t have any impact on the eligibility for title loans in Tennessee. The most important thing is to have a vehicle that has enough value to repay the borrowing. So, even if you have delayed/missed payments, credit card debts, bounced checks, you can still qualify for this type of financial assistance. Most interestingly, title loans in Tennessee can be an excellent way to fix your credit history. If you make timely payments and have enough amount to recover the debt, this type of loan will come in handy. The lender will report your situation to the general credit bureaus, and this can significantly improve your credit history.

What are title loans alternatives in Tennessee?

If you feel like title loans in Tennessee don’t work for you, you can choose from several alternatives. Here is what you can do.

  • Ask your creditors for a prolonged repayment of your bills. If for some reason you can pay your bills, it is possible to get in touch with your creditors and ask about an extension. They can elongate the period of repayment if you can prove your good faith or they assure you have a special situation.
  • Negotiate your debt. If the reason for taking title loans in Tennessee is to clear your credit debt, there is another solution. You can negotiate your debts by contacting your creditors and discuss your particular situation. In some cases, you can even discuss a settlement option.
  • Clear your active debt by using a credit card. If you need to pay for your bills, using a credit card will be a cheaper option than taking title loans in Tennessee since the former ones have lower APRs compared to loans taken from direct lenders.
  • Consider an unsecured personal loan. Comparing to title loans in Tennessee, unsecured personal loans don’t require collateral, for example, your vehicle. Also, they have lower APRs.


Title loans in Tennessee provide quick access to cash if you need to borrow a small amount of money. The process of application approval and receiving money is extremely straightforward. You don’t need to have special skills to successfully be approved for title loans in Tennessee. Even if you have a poor credit history/score, you can still approach a lending service.

Have your cash in your hand as soon as 24 hours and keep your car driving. If this is something you are looking for, title loans in Tennessee will be a nice option to boost your financial situation and fix your credit history. Just pick a reliable company and good luck with your choice!

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